Mary Verdi Noble heart

Last evening at Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness was magical. Great Kirtan with the sweetest of souls in attendance! We’ll be back on September 11, 2016. A great day to chant for world peace!

It is our hope that Flight surrounds the listener with soothing, peaceful music in hopes of reminding you how very loved you are each and every moment of your life! Love to you straight from our hearts!

I am deeply enriched to hear Mary Verdi play “live” as well as listening to her latest album, “Flight.” Mary’s vocals soar and the songs are deeply woven into my heart. She is joined by¬†Eileen Markland on violin and viola along with John Marshall on percussion, creating an atmosphere to elevate our hearts and souls.

Songs from “Flight” are played regularly on my radio shows. I was originally drawn to “Just as I Am” and then discovered the beauty of songs such as “Shante,” “Home, and “Om Mani Padme Hum.” Each song on “Flight” is a musical journey. — Gary Goldberg/WRPI.org